JP Industrial increases capacity once again, fueled by strong demand, and eye to the future.

LISBON, OH – Just months after their $10 Million national reinvestment, and opening of their newest state-of-the-art facility in Salisbury, NC, JP Industrial Products is leveraging those investments for strategic capacity increases.

This recent multi-million dollar investment into JPI Coastal and flagship JPI Ohio increase their already industry-leading annual capacity by another 50 million pounds…taking it to an astounding 300+ million pounds. And the key, according to CEO Jamin Pastore, is leveraging this year’s previous expansion and reinvestment to produce a steeper ROI curve.

Pastore states: “Our base infrastructure, after the original $10 Million investment, was in place and designed for growth. Adding this cap ex to the back end of our current setups creates large capacity increases with more efficient resource utilization.”

JPI’s new facility in North Carolina, with property acquired from General Electric in February, arose from the increase in demand for their services along the Atlantic coastal region over the past few years. In the past decade, JPI has grown to establish operations in Nevada, Texas, and North Carolina, and has increased their annual capacity substantially.

A division of the JP Capital Management Group (JPCM), JPI is a multi-faceted plastic recycling company that is continuing to expand their business model to service a growing customer base. Find out more at their new website:

JPCM Principal James Pastore added, “I’m proud of our team’s ability to continue to execute our strategic vision. Responding quickly to market dynamics with first-class service, is how we intend to continue our growth.”

JP Capital Management (JPCM) is a private equity company that specializes in the acquisition and operation of middle market companies in sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, commodity brokerage and more.