Our Criteria

JPCM has developed a series of criteria that should be present for companies to be considered for acquisition. Acquisition candidates are companies with the following attributes:

Strong Growth Potential — History of sales and earnings growth with the potential for continued growth based on favorable industry trends as well as strategic acquisition and expansion into new geographic markets.

Qualified Management Team — A demonstrated ability and commitment to continued improvement in profitability and value creation. Ideally, the core management team would be willing to stay. In order to align management’s interest with the interest of our principals, the operating companies may offer stock ownership and performance incentives.

Stock / Ownership Philosophy:
While JPCM principals will maintain control, co-investment by the management team is encouraged. JPCM prefers majority ownership positions, but has taken positions ranging from 10-100%.

Size Threshold:
Revenues ranging from $5 million to $100 million