Debt Restructuring

time_is_tickingInvestors in distressed assets must be willing to accept significant risk…but they should ALSO be able to provide the experience and expertise to guide their partners to a successful turn around and/or exit. Investors should have the knowledge and skill to accurately assess whether the company in distress can improve its operations and successfully reorganize.

Because of the risk involved, large institutional investors are historically the primary investors in distressed situations. And while their size can be advantageous financially…they often lack in the areas of assessment and operation.

The JP Capital Management team brings a truly unique set of capabilities to the table:

    1. Private Equity – the ability to make decisions NOW, the liquidity to ACT
    2. Operational Expertise – the ability to assess companies of all types, and to roll our sleeves up and IMPROVE them
    3. Strategic Integration – no ivory tower here…JPCM has been actively integrating and improving businesses for 20 years, and chances are that we’ve got the partnerships to instantly improve the bottom line.

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Strategic Partnership

PrintRedstone Funding has been created to acquire and finance performing and non-performing real estate debt. Our investment philosophy is to maximize returns and manage risk by targeting opportunities in real estate debt where our expertise provides a competitive advantage.

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