The Nation’s Largest PVC Recycler Continues to Reinvest in Locations Nationwide

SALISBURY, NC – For over 30 years, JP Industrial Products has been setting the example in the plastic recycling industry. With a $10 million reinvestment into their reprocessing locations nationwide, including a new 140,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility in Salisbury, North Carolina, they are cementing their status as one of North America’s leading plastic recyclers.

JPI’s new facility in North Carolina, with property acquired from General Electric in February, arose from the increase in demand for their services along the Atlantic coastal region over the past few years. In the past decade, JPI has grown to establish operations in Nevada, Texas, and North Carolina, and has increased their annual capacity to levels in excess of 250 million pounds.

CEO Jamin Pastore elaborated on his vision and goals for JP Industrial, stating:

“We have serviced many of North America’s largest manufacturers with customizable full-circle recycling programs tailored to their individual needs. Our partners see our company as a breath of fresh air in the recycling industry, where brokers and middlemen suffocate profit margins far too often. We are a solution-oriented company that provides waste reduction services for manufacturers; we develop processes for them to reuse material that was never thought possible.


Our goal is to provide strategies for companies to maximize their efficiencies so that they can focus on their strengths. At the same time, we have the means to supply manufacturers with a variety of specially formulated compounds to reduce their raw material costs and add to their bottom lines.”

A division of the JP Capital Management Group (JPCM), JPI is a multi-faceted plastic recycling company that is continuing to expand their business model to service a growing customer base.  You can find out more about JPI at their new website:

JPCM Principal James Pastore added, “JPI is foundational to our investment strategies, and we will continue to pursue growth aggressively. I’m proud of our team, and I feel great about the capabilities that this new facility will provide to current and future clients.”

JP Capital Management (JPCM) is a private equity company that specializes in the acquisition and operation of middle market companies in sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, commodity brokerage and more.